Welcome to Expositor’s Wiki – a website designed to provide free help and resources to pastors and lay people who want to study the Bible more deeply. While many great resources (e.g., websites, blogs, free commentaries, study Bibles, Bible dictionaries) exist for Christians to use, this site provides a unique and comprehensive blend of information ranging from historical backgrounds, exegesis, biblical theology, and counseling. The goal is to communicate the in depth understanding found in biblical studies in language that a normal person can use to edify the church. This website will not do your Bible study for you but can empower you to do a better Bible study and lead others to see the riches of Word of God more (Ps 119:18). We promise that the information provided on these pages is grounded upon and consistent with a robust doctrinal statement, based upon sound exegesis, and confirmed by other scholars in the field.

This site will always be a work in progress. It represents the collaborative work of undergraduate students at The Master's College. Various people are continuing to build, deepen, check, and clarify the content of this site. If you would like to contribute or to see the standards which we hope to maintain, please click on the “About Us” link on the left sidebar.

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There are several ways to use this site:

1. If you desire, you can look up a variety of topics on the left sidebar ranging from systematic theology to historical backgrounds. This will bring you to a page with a list of articles on the respective category. You may peruse them as you would like.

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3. Doing any of the above methods, use the internal links of each article to peruse interconnected subjects. Understanding the unity of the Bible, you may find out that a study in Genesis may lead you right to Revelation.


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